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Can caffeine addiction be a Alternative for skin care too?


Addiction to your wake up brew be the same for your skin?

Are you a Fan of  the world largest consume brew ? For all of us, keeping us wake-up and pumped all day . The only Responsible Ingredient is caffeine. Apart being the Energy and power booster for you day caffeine can be used in alternative BEST way!!

For that skin to be as young as your heart

mcaffine- India's 1st Caffeinated Personal Care Brand Vegan| Cruelty Free| Gender Neutral 

Our skin has a natural barrier which retains the moisture and protects us from environmental pollutants. Androgens have a substance called phosphodiesterase which is responsible for damaging this barrier. Hence with age, the skin loses its moisture and withers. Caffeine acts as an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase and thus helps in improving the barrier function. This retains the moisture and protects the skin from harmful chemicals and UVB radiation. Caffeine also alleviates dark circles beneath the eyes and removes puffiness.

When caffeine in recommended proportions is mixed with the right compounds, it can be liberally applied to the skin. Did you know that it is the secret ingredient to a lot of spa regimens?

Men, even though androgens give you the muscle bulk, hoarse voice, and the irresistible facial scruff, it makes you bald faster. It stunts the growth of hair follicles and leads to a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia. According to a research published in the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine was shown to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and prevent it from the harmful effects of androgens. Even the body of a woman has small amounts of androgens. With the rise of stress in daily life, larger quantities can be secreted, leading to hair loss in females. So a little dose of caffeine mixed with the right base when applied to your scalp boosts hair growth naturally.

While coffee is a pleasurable part of your lifestyle, there are other factors that make a bigger impact on your health such as eating a balanced diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. But drinking coffee is a delightful addition to those key health factors.


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