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How to make money with domain name in 2022

What Is The Best Way To Make Money With Domain Names?

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In today's tech-centric environment, domain names are in high demand. The sale of '' to Demonstrates for $18 million in 2017 may have established a world record, but much longer domain names are regularly sold for thousands of dollars every day. As a result, investors have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to invest in domain names that can be sold for a profitable price.

Developing a Strong Domain Selection

It can take months or years to build a high-quality domain portfolio. Looking forward to what names may become popular in the future and hedging with numbers by purchasing hundreds of domains is frequently the key. Others opt to buy a few existing well-known domains and hold them in the hopes that their value will increase over time.

Names that are general in nature

Investing on words that characterise a product or service, especially new and developing products, might be a wise decision. However, any copyright or trademark concerns that could result in domain forfeiture are extremely vital to avoid.

1. You can sell your domain name on the internet.

When it comes to selling a domain name, you have a few options online. The most obvious is, where you may make a listing in the Domain Names category and sell websites by setting the sub-type box to the top-level,,.net, and so on. Although will provide you with the largest audience for domain names, there's a considerable probability that the people who notice your listing aren't trying to buy.

If that's the case, you might look at domains index (which we've previously highlighted), which displays domain names that are now for auction — these are just URLs that don't have any websites associated to them. You'll need to register an account and authenticate it before you can start selling, and you can list in either an auction or classified listing style.

Selling Domain Names

Knowing whether or not your URL is likely to sell requires some research and an awareness of whether or not the address is memorable. Here's another illustration: Although both are intriguing and humorous words at their most basic level, "" is a significantly more memorable name than ""

So, if your domain name denotes something that other people could be interested in purchasing, something that others can immediately assess its worth, it's more likely to sell.

Do you want to sell your domain name? Make use of

You'll want to be sure the transaction is secure if you're selling your domain name for a substantial sum of money. Using an escrow provider is the easiest method to do this.

Do you believe your URL is more valuable than the offers you're receiving? It might be time to consider investing some time in creating a website around it in order to make some money. Based on the income generated to date, you should be able to demand a bigger figure after a year.

2. Use a low-cost or no-cost hosting service to run ads.

What if the URL is accompanied by some web space? Maybe you'd like some? The best choice here is to get some cheap hosting or to construct a website using a low-cost or free hosting provider. Perhaps you'll utilize WordPress to handle your material (others options are available). You could even go with a do-it-yourself approach to website hosting.

Once you've done so, you may choose from a variety of monetization strategies, such as running network or affiliate advertising or combining them with content.

Make use of Google Ads.

Google advertising can be found all over the place. You've probably seen them, clicked on them, and been annoyed by them. They're controversial, but they're profitable, so using them on your old domain name's page is a good idea.

You can sign up for Google Adsense, but there are alternatives, such as Chikita and Kontera, if you don't want to use Google (many do).

You'll be able to copy some brief pieces of code to your website and display the adverts once you've joined up.

Create Affiliate Link Ads (Affiliate Link Ads)

You can manually install affiliate advertisements on your website as an alternative to network ads to try to gain clicks. Ads for Amazon and eBay are perhaps the most popular and successful of these, as both will pay you a fee for purchases made on their sites when a visitor clicks a link.

To get started, click on the following links:

Sign up as an Fiverr affiliate in the Any country.

Sign up as an cuelinks affiliate in the Any country (By far easiest)

Affiliate Program for Amazon

With each of these systems, you'll have a variety of alternatives, some of which may have static advertisements, while others may include multimedia ads on your website.

See how to make money using an eBay account and a Twitter account.

3. Increase Content 

You all want the internet to be a better place. Quality content is one of the most potent weapons we have in this regard. So, how can you offer great material without having to create it first or contributing to the massive avalanche of spammy websites that now exist on the internet?

You'll have to seek for it, but if you can find YouTube channels or Twitter accounts that coincide with the website's URL, you might be in luck. All you have to do now is embed the feed (Twitter has a built-in mechanism for embedding tweets by a user or on a topic on your website) and add ads as explained before.

Select the Correct Content

New content will almost always result in more page views, which means more opportunities for ad revenue. But what kind of information should you include? As previously stated, meaningful, catchy URLs are more likely to sell, so consider content that corresponds to the website address.

However, keep in mind that your website will require some promotion. Setting up a Facebook page and/or a Twitter account to promote it might assist.

Domain Parking

A parked domain is one that has been established but is not linked to an online service such as a website or email hosting. In other words, it's a domain name that was purchased but isn't currently in use. It is instead "parked" for later use.

Unlike most domains, which point to a web page (for example, points to the website homepage), parked domains typically point to a "parked domain" page, a "but this domain" page, an advertisements page, or no web page at all. In the latter instance, your browser will display an error similar to this:

A browser error message stating that a parked domain is unavailable

Visitors to a parked domain can also be sent to the same web page as visitors to a more primary domain name. The parked domain is known as a "alias domain" for the original domain in this scenario.

Why do you need a parked domain?

What is the point of having a domain if it isn't being used for anything? There are various solid reasons to preserve one or more parked domains, as it turns out:

Whatever the case may be, as soon as you have a distinctive domain name concept, lock it down as quickly as feasible. Then determine how you'll put your new internet identify to work.

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