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Top 10 best website that can make your life easier in 2022

We are going to check the 10 best website today from editing photos directly from your web browser making Easier to schedule time with you these are just the few website you are going to look at

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Feels like we are in 90s we are checking out your website but to be fair website like lot more advanced than that alright let’s check this out


If you need to make quick tweaks to one of your photos this is an excellent tool to do that there is no login required within the photos I have edited you have all the functions to rotate to crop you can also apply different filters you can adjust the brightness The contrast you You can resize You can export as JPG , PNG Something new is you can export to WEBP Which is a new file format made from Google It maintains a higher quality image with less space in the competition with other formats you can also copy the image to your clipboard.


This helps you find alternative to just about anything just type in the website the software to abode shopshop Yeah we have Gimp an alternative found on this website We also have infinity, photo, creta, paint. This are all excellent option and many of them I am free search for anything get an alternate.


It makes it really easy to make other people to book time with you you know when you trying to make a meeting Trying to work for everyone just end up going back and forth again and again yeah you don’t have to do it anymore you can create a booking page you can share the URL with others let’s see if someone to meet me for 30 minutes They can choose the option date and time. This reflect what is available on your calendar. Once someone book a slot on your calendar you can set up different event types one-on-one or a group meeting that’s also a very cool feature workflows here You can set up so all the attendees get an invitation via email or text automatically you can also send it up so it can send thank you notes it also integrates with service like zoom, WebEx and Microsoft team. The basic version is completely free to use if you pay you get some of the more functionality.


This is yet another service which make the meeting easier we doodle people can vote your favourite time On the first step just create a basic account then you can see calendar which you can set as per your need for your gym, classes, tuitions, colleges and exam too.

You can set various poll settings As you finish you can copy the link all send the email itself. People now can come in and find the empty dates.


Just like the name implies you can pull together things like flowcharts, Old charts, wireframes charts, Network diagrams and the list goes on and on there is no login and registration required you can use it free on the Web or you can even download a free desktop app you can start from a massive round of catalogues you can save your file to oneDrive Google, Drive, dropbox, gift hub and your device too. You can work together with others on the file.

And this website allows you to compare the performance of CPUs GPUs anyone more let’s say for example that you are there for in laptop in the market one laptop with an i5 processor Are you can also choose an i7 I am guessing the i7 is better Has an idea number and all and also cost more and how much better we are talking about is it worth that additional price here on this website you can paste and put the different processor you can see on a percentage bases how much better is the i7 is compare to the i5 So you can decide is it worth the additional price.


This allows you to make your presentation a lot more fun and engaging by including quizzes, polls and word cloud. Click on the new presentation you can choose from many different question types you can chase at multiple Choice you can type in your question you can also put some different option. As you are All set your audience can go to the website they can type the code as they vote for the different Options will see the result in real time not only you can use this in your browser Mentimeter also integrated with PowerPoint Google notes and key point.


This is an email address that last for 10 minutes let’s say you sign up for for service they want an email address you could provide your actual email address but you also sign up for the mailing List and maybe you get a lot of spam instead you can provide a throw away email address that’s only good for 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes you will receive email in your inbox you can forward messages reply but once those 10 minutes are up that email address is gone for good.


This is really meta you can create your own website for free who knows maybe one day they will feature your website on this list you can start from one of the many different templates. The website editor option offers interactive tools used to put together website of your dreams you can post videos which can be directly seen by the customers and if you willing to pay $10 you can get .com domain with your website.

Let me know in the comments that have I missed any of the awesome website that I can put next time around

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