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Top 13 platform and source to promote your product online in 2022

Top 13 platform and source to promote your product online in 2022

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There has never been a bigger number of venues to promote or even sell your things online, whether you run a huge eCommerce website or simply sell products online in your leisure time at home.

A few of these platforms complement your main website, while others have completely abolished the requirement for an eCommerce site and serve as a stand-alone solution for online sales and promotion. We'll go over the greatest digital marketing agency accessible in this article to help you boost your internet sales.

Platforms that do everything


Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce and hosting platform that allows you to open your own store and sell whatever you want without having to learn how to code or spend a lot of money. You can easily create and customise your store, and you can choose from a variety of pricing options to fit your needs. It is more expensive than hosting your own site, but you can save a lot of money because ecommerce site construction costs can be pretty high. is similar to Shopify, however it is primarily targeted at apparel designers, jewellers, and bands. This solution allows for complete site customization and does not charge a portion of sales made through the site, making it an excellent choice for smaller, independent, home-based enterprises.

Social Networking Sites


Instagram is another popular social site you can use to increase sales and promote products. Once you have a number of followers, you have people who are interested in your brand or your products and you can promote any new products or information to this audience. If they like what they see then there is a good chance that they will then share the information you tweet with other followers. Similar to Facebook, Instagram requires a lot of time put in for it to have a significant effect on sales. You also have to be sure to avoid being too self promotional so as not to annoy your followers.


Many of you should be familiar with the social networking site Facebook. If you can make it work, being active on Facebook is one of the most successful methods to sell items. Sharing news, communicating with fans, hosting competitions, and convincing followers to share information are all effective ways to promote your product in front of the right people. This is usually more time demanding; you must persevere in order to see large improvements in sales, but it is possible if you put in the effort.


Pinterest is a comparatively fresh social media network that has just erupted into the scene. Users can use the entire site to build theme-specific boards to which they can pin photographs from all around the internet. Because of the convenience of making a new pin and the large number of people who use and are ready to re-pin things they enjoy, it can be a terrific way to reach a whole new audience. The platform is absolutely free and simple to start up, so it's worth posting on a frequent basis; even if you don't receive much traffic at first, a few people re-pinning your pins is all it takes to generate a substantial amount of traffic.

Search Results from Google

If you sell things online, getting them listed to appear in the Google shopping results is a terrific method to promote them. For certain product queries, these results are occasionally presented on Google search results pages. It can be a terrific strategy to increase sales and visitors to your website, especially if your company sells things at a lower lower cost than rivals.

Product Videos on YouTube

The impact of YouTube videos is still underappreciated. On sites like YouTube and other similar platforms, where consumers are likely to look for products and relevant reviews, there is a large audience. If you make some well-thought-out, instructive, and high-quality videos, you might be able to attract the attention of a previously uninterested audience.

Videos can also be found in Google and other search engines' search results. They usually appear on the first page, which can be an excellent strategy to acquire traction for more competitive keywords or simply to dominate that page if you currently rank for that term.


Reviews can assist drive traffic to your site and inspire visitors to make a purchase once they've arrived. There are several ways to make use of reviews to your advantage. To begin, make sure you're listed on one of the many external review sites, such as Review Centre or The Best of, so delighted consumers can discover you if they want to share their positive experience. If individuals are using these directories, this can assist deliver visits to your site.

You can also show reviews on your own website to increase the number of sales you're likely to get. People are significantly more likely to buy if they can see that other people have used the site before them.

PPC & Landing Pages

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Landing Pages Pay Per Click (PPC) is a certain technique to gain traffic to your website. It ensures that you have complete control over the amount of money you spend, and if you have a rough estimate of the percentage of website visitors that convert, you can ensure that you always earn a profit. You can ensure that each visitor is likely to be interested in the things you're selling by combining a well-optimized PPC campaign with tailored landing pages. The landing pages are then used to persuade customers to make a purchase.

Products that are available for free

Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing, and this might be a good approach to attract new consumers. There are several ways to accomplish this; for example, some platforms allow users to receive a free item if they input their email address or place a facebook post to their facebook followers. If done correctly, free products can easily lead to organic advertising and long-term customers. Graze, a food company, does a good job at this by giving consumers who sign up a free first box with an easily obtained voucher code.

Affiliate marketing

Creating an affiliate programme can help you access a wider audience, which can lead to more sales and consumers. Why not have people who are interested in your products promote them in exchange for a little commission if their referrals result in a sale?


Ebay is still a fantastic place to sell items online. You can maintain an Ebay store in addition to your existing websites and methods of product sales. The Ebay platform will cost you a little more, but it will help you get your products in front of more people, especially because it has millions of customers.


And although email is an older internet technology, it can still be an effective way to raise awareness of new items among existing and potential clients. If someone has provided you their email address, it is likely that they are already interested in your items. This allows you to attract them with special offers or highlight things that they might be interested in.

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